About Design CK

The Design CK way

The team at Designer Cabinets specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of premium quality kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Our award winning kitchens have been exhibited at the Waikato Home and garden Show for more than a decade, where we have built a reputation for innovation and flair.

We take this opportunity to share with you, the process for producing your new kitchen. All aspects are handled by Design CK; this ensures that quality can be maintained through every stage of production from idea to reality.

Once the decision has been made to use Design CK, we will finalise your plans, colours and specifications. An agreement will be signed by both parties. This will confirm the cost of your new kitchen; it will also outline the schedule of progress payments and warranty terms.

Design CK will then liaise with other trades people involved in the project to discuss timing and any other issues. We have our own team of experts, but are also happy to work in with your sub-contractors if desired.

Over the next few weeks the necessary hardware and materials will be sourced. Custom-made bench tops will be ordered as well as appliances, and the factory will begin the production of your cabinetry. Once your cabinets have been assembled and all other items are supplied, your kitchen will be assembled in the factory. This is a great time to get a preview of how your kitchen will look when it is installed.

We will then liaise with you and the other trades to arrange a time for installation. This will be coordinated to cause the least disruption to the rest of the project, or your living arrangements. Installation will generally take one to two days; however it may be necessary for us to make further visits as the rest of the project continues.

A Bit about Tops

With some materials used for benchtops such as granite and concrete, it may be necessary to accurately measure and template these after the installation of your kitchen. As you can appreciate it becomes very difficult to add or remove even a few millimetres to these materials, sometimes the best option is to supply temporary benchtops during the manufacture of your permanent surface.

Once the Dust Settles

During the first few months of use your kitchen will be wearing in. doors will begin closing more freely, and drawers will run more smoothly. With this, you may find they need adjusting, this is quite normal. One of our team will visit you to adjust the doors, drawers and give the kitchen a full check to ensure all is well. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time for this.

The Payment Schedule

Here at Design CK we have used the progress payment system for many years, this has become the industry standard; and, we feel, the fairest for everyone involved.

Deposit: This is required when the contract is signed, and is usually 50% of the value of your kitchen.
Appliances: Payment for appliances will be required before the appliances are ordered
Factory Completion: Once the kitchen has been set up in the factory, you will be asked to come in to see your new kitchen. This payment will be due than, and is generally 40-45% of the value of your kitchen.
Final Payment: After the kitchen is installed and you are happy with everything we have done, the final payment will be due.
We invite you, at any stage of the manufacture of your kitchen to call in and see the progress of your kitchen. This provides and opportunity to see how it all fits together.


Kitchen Essentials, is a book by Dave Cull which is written with the help of the NKBA. It is a step by step explanation of the kitchen process giving an unbiased view and advice. Well worth a read and available either from Design CK or from most book stores.

We hope this sheds some light on what is ahead for you, and what we do here at Design CK. Thank you for considering us in the purchase of your new kitchen and we look forward to being part of your project.